Pravas was founded by Ajit Ashok Takalkar, a life-long seeker of adventure and travel. With more than a decade of experience with planning tours, treks and visits to heritage sites, Mr Ajit has a keen mind for creating the most memorable experiences for tourists all over the world. Mr Ajit’s vision makes Pravas unique, with the primary focus being on cherishing small but special moments in each new place.
We always strive to offer our tourists tailor-made trips that can fulfil their desires – be it needing an escape from their busy life, or wanting to lose themselves in nature or marvelling at old architecture. We look at trips as essential breaks from everyday life and at travelling as a profound experience that can shape individuals.
Pravas offers experienced organisers that can understand you and curate the perfect travel experience based on your wishes, along with a capable and cheerful team that is always ready to help. We pride ourselves on putting out the best quality of service and wide variety of choices, all at reasonable prices.
Pravas has a place for every kind of tourist. We offer all types of tours including pan India trips, international trips, along with Sahyadri treks and wildlife special tours. We offer group trips, family and honeymoon packages as well as customised trips for those who wish to be more flexible.

Here are our top packages:
•   Group Tours
For travellers that want to meet and mingle with fellow like-minded seekers, Pravas offers group tour packages. Available for a range of destinations from Kashmir to Kerala, this package follows the philosophy of ‘the more, the merrier’. Not only do our tourists get to visit spell-bounding places and soak in rich culture, but they also get to form bonds and connections with people from all walks of life, which may last forever. For those who want adventure and togetherness, our group tours are the best that anyone can offer.

•   Honeymoon Packages
Specially made for newly-married couples and honeymooners, this package allows romantic getaways for couples everywhere. Spanning a range of destinations, this tour package lets honeymooners truly enjoy the bliss and peace that marks the new chapter of their lives. Furthermore, they get to mix and mingle with like-minded couples, all letting their hair down and celebrating love.

•   Customize Tours
We know that some travellers like to march to the beat of their own drum. For such eclectic seekers, we also offer customised packages. This type of package allows tourists to pick and choose which experiences they most want and thus curate the most memorable trip according to their needs and desires. You will be able to have a flexible, tailor-made trip without all the hassle of planning and organising.

We, at Pravas, offer destinations for all your heart’s desires. For those wanting to escape in beauty and heritage, we have top tours in Kashmir, Kerala, Rajasthan, and Hampi. For animal lovers, we offer magnificent tours in the jungles of Tadoba and Pench. Moreover, for those with an adventurous streak, destinations like Leh-Ladakh and Andaman are the top choices.
Here are some of our most popular tours:
•   Beautiful Kashmir Tours
A tour of six days and five nights, this domestic tour takes tourists through the enthralling sights of our very own heaven on earth. You can experience natural beauty like never before with Kashmir’s Sonmarg, Pahalgam, Gulmarg and beautiful Betab, Aru valleys and scenic spots like Dal Lake. You can also marvel at man-made wonders like the Mughal gardens and the tranquil house boats.
•   Mesmerising Kerala Tours
A 6 day, 5 night group tour in God’s own country is a holiday that would appeal to all. This tour not only offers tourists to partake in the natural wonders of Kerala, but it also gives them an opportunity to immerse themselves in its rich culture and heritage. Perfect for families as well as honeymooners, this tour takes tourists through places like Allepy, Thekkady, Munnar and Cochin, while experiencing the famous backwaters, boat races, houseboats, tea plantations, as well as the important churches and monuments there.
•   Exciting Leh Ladakh Tours
An 8 day and 7 night tour of one of India’s most fascinating landscapes, the Exciting Leh-Ladakh trip is sure to be one of the most memorable journeys of your life. This trip takes you through the wealth of Ladakh’s lakes, high passes, and trails, and offers you a peek into the rich history of the place through monuments, monasteries, the Leh palace, etc. Along with boundless nature, tourists can enjoy cultural events like religion mask dances, which will surely liven the experience even more.
•   Royal Rajasthan Tours
A seven day and six night foray into the magic of Rajasthan, this group tour takes tourists through a variety of natural wonders as well as man-made monuments, forts, palaces and much more. From the pink lanes of Jaipur to the blue city of Jodhpur, from the heritage moments and forts to desert camping and camel rides in Jaisalmer, this trip covers a vast expanse of Rajasthani culture- a trip that you will surely remember forever.
•   Jewel of Vidharbha – Tadoba Tours
A short trip of 3 days and 2 nights, the Tadoba package is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Rich in biodiversity and known for its tiger reserve, Tadoba offers tourists a peek into wildlife like never before. With safaris full of exotic animals like tigers, leopards, sloth beats, wild dogs, bison and much more, this trip will appeal not only to animal lovers, but everyone with a curiosity about nature.

At Pravas, we are always guided by our philosophy and core values of providing a comprehensive and fulfilling experience that matches the energy and dreams of our clients. Be it group tours or customised trips, the priority is always bringing smiles and joy into the lives of our travellers.