Terms & Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions are related to bookings made for the following mentioned services: Train Tickets, Air Tickets, Hotel Reservations/Bookings, Transport, Passport Assistance, Visa and other related services offered at Pravas
1) Accommodations for the clients are subject to availability. In case the hotel that we have recommended is not available, we will suggest and recommend similar category hotel. The same will be booked for clients only after clients approve the changed hotel and the changed costs with the difference in price if any.

2) On client’s request, we can block the rooms with hotel authorities, but to conform the same, client needs to pay amount stated by us in advance within 24 hours. Without advance we do not block the rooms etc.

3) Balance amount should be paid to us within the time limit communicated to clients. In any case, 100% payment has to be received by us (and reflected in our bank account in case amount deposit is in our Bank account) before client’s departure for the tour. Failing which we retain the rights to release the room and apply cancellation charges to client.

4) Once we received client’s approval for the hotel, request to change/modify the same may incur cancellation charges as levied by the (booked) hotel authorities/service providers. Every transport company, tour operator, service providers and hotel have its own rules concerning the changing and cancellation/part cancellations of orders. The travel agency acts as a sales agent / reseller for the said companies and complies with their rules in exactly the same extent as the companies themselves would when dealing with the clients directly if applicable.

5) Preponing or postponing the dates will be considered as cancellation and rebooking.

6) All the Hotels/ Resorts/ Campsites/ Transporters/ Service providers reserve the rights to increase the rates without prior notice. Changes in the cost will have to be incurred by the client even if the changes have occurred after oral/written confirmation/part payment/full payment from clients to us. In case the charges are reduced, we will refund the same to clients.

7) Please note that the check-in and check-out time in the hotels are generally 12 noon (excepting few hotels where it is 24 hours). Early check-in and/or late check-out permissions will be at the sole discretion of the respective authorities. Please conform about the exact check-in and check-out time.

8) Correct Documents: Check immediately after receiving travel documents, whether all the necessary documents are there and whether the dates, names, prices are correct in all the documents and on all the visas, as discussed and advised to us by client. The traveller has to bring it to our immediate notice if there are any deficiencies. Complaints made after 48 hours after we have handed over/emailed the documents or after the start of the trip in regards to the correctness of documents may not be entertained/ same will be satisfied only within the limits of possibility available at the given moment.

9) We will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage to the property/life of clients for all reasons beyond our control during the tour. We would not be responsible for changes/extra costs incurred because of delays/cancellation of any mode of transport. Clients will not receive compensation/ extra expenses from the tour operator, the transport company, service provider or the travel agency.

10) The services sold by the travel agency do not contain insurance as a part of the service or the price, if this has not been expressly stated. Travellers will have no right to demand compensation from the travel agency for expenses/unforeseen expenses/extra charges, if the travel agency was not the direct and immediate cause of such expenses. This also applies in case the travel agency has not separately offered the client the option to buy insurance cover together with the other services sold, or explained the possible consequences of having no insurance cover.

11) We do not operate any hotel or transport. Though we take utmost care to offer the best services, we will not be responsible for any shortfall in services offered by our associates/hotel/ transporter/service providers or any losses/damages that could have been a result of their services. The travel agency is not the direct provider of any services sold by it, but only an authorized reseller of respective. Therefore, the travel agency will not be liable for the quality and quantity of the services of the actual service provider (Airline, Railway, Shipping line, Hotel tour operator, Car Rental Company etc.). If clients are dissatisfied with services, we will only be responsible to communicate client’s views to the concerned authorities/management of service providers. Compensation (if any) offered by our associates/ service provider (Airline, Shipping line, Hotel tour operator, Car rental company etc.) will be passed on the clients within 15 days of we receiving the amount. It is though imperative that:

  • Clients launch an official written complaint to the service provider and obtain the acknowledgement for the same.
  • Obtain the receipts for the (justified) direct extra expenses.
  • The traveller will have to submit the written complaint together with original copies of receipts for the (justified) direct extra expenses for which the traveller wishes to receive compensation via the travel agency within a week at the latest after clients return from the tour (addressed to the director/partner of the travel agency). Monetary claims not related to direct and documented expenses (moral damages, nervous tension, waste of time etc.) is unfortunately not subject to compensation by the travel agency or any other company/service provider.

12) Transport Ticket is a contract between the carrier (Transport Company/ Airline/ Shipping/ Railway) and the traveller. The contract terms and conditions are presented in fine print overleaf of the tickets or on inserts. Please ask for the same to our travel counsellor. Upon buying the ticket(s) the traveller automatically accepts these terms and conditions. No signature is needed from the client.

13) Disputes, if any, will be subject to Pune Jurisdiction only.

14) I will take care of myself/my family and travel along with all the responsibility of personal belongings and will not claim the company of any loss, damage, acciden

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