Tadoba National Park, also known as the ‘Jewel of Vidarbha’ is a must-see destination. With its abundant forest cover and lakes, and its breathtaking range of animals and birds, it is heaven for nature and animal lovers everywhere. Furthermore, it is the perfect place to be even for thrillseekers, who would get a sense of wonder and adventure through the safari rides of the national park. 

About Tadoba

The park falls in the category of southern tropical, dry deciduous forest with dense and diverse vegetation that surrounds one with serenity. It is an abode to various exotic and interesting animals like chitals, sambars, chausings, barking deers,  sloth bears, nilgai, Indian bisons, wild dogs, wild boars, leopards, etc. However, perhaps the most attractive feature of Tadoba is the fact that it is one of the best tiger reserves in the country. Tourists travel from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the striped big cat and most of the time, they are lucky enough to spot one in its natural habitat. 

Main activities

Tourists flocking to Tadoba usually indulge in Jeep safaris the most, with the aim being to spot as many exotic animals, birds and flora as possible. There are multiple tour providers in and around Tadoba that arrange for various types of safaris, in various parts of the park, depending upon the needs of the tourists. The open-air jeep allows you to be closer to nature and observe every minute detail of the forest. 

Apart from spotting animals on safaris, many tourists also enjoy viewing the lakes of Tadoba and taking in the peaceful silence of the inner woods. Tourists can opt for a calm boat ride and relax on the soothing waters. Furthermore, the park is the perfect place to be for any photographers, since there is no dearth of sights to capture and treasure forever. 

Tourists also have the option of taking in the forest at night, with night safari options as well as night watch towers. The night safari allows visitors to see what is largely unseen, as animals venture out in the dark to carry on their nocturnal lives that are hidden from us. The night watch towers, similarly, can be exhilarating as tourists get to spend the night perched on a watch tower simply observing the flora and fauna around them. 

Best time to visit

Tadoba is open to visitors all year round, except for the monsoons season. However, like most places, there are certain months during which the place is even more enjoyable. The best time to visit the park, as recommended by the park officials, is between February to May. During this time, the weather is warm and the jeep safaris are quite enjoyable, especially during the early months of summer. Furthermore, March, April and May are the best months for tiger spotting since that is when they are most active. Similarly, during this time, visitors are able to spot maximum animals since they are usually flocking around watering holes and lakes to beat the heat. During the summer months, the visibility is also excellent and the skies are bright and clear, letting you spot animals and birds from far away and there being no danger of missing anything due to fog or mist or rain. The lack of dense cover also means that it is easier to see animals resting deep in the forest with little effort.  


Tadoba National Park is a must-see tourist attraction for anyone visiting or living in Maharashtra. With its abundance of diverse flora and fauna, it is the perfect place for nature and animal lovers as well as adventure seekers. Visitors can go on jeep safaris, night safaris, stay on night watch towers or even opt for boat rides and simply take in the serenity of the forest. The park offers people a chance to spot exotic birds and animals, like the Royal Bengal tiger, in their natural habitat. The best time to visit Tadoba is from February to May, since that is the time when the heat brings out most animals to lakes and rivers. This is also the time when chances of seeing a tiger are highest, in the bright sun and lack of dense forest cover.