Globetrotters, brace yourself to explore the Land of kings. Know when and what with this blog.

Rajasthan has always been one of the favorite tourist destinations for travelers around the world. Set amidst the Aravalli mountain ranges, the state is adorned with magnificent palaces, majestic forts, a plethora of national parks, sanctuaries, and exotic cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, etc. that serve beautiful views with their distinctive and color-coded architectural design. 

It is blessed with the largest area in India and also the most populated wasteland named Thar desert, which is renowned as the Great Indian desert. 

The state resides in the golden triangle tour which is a tourist circuit connecting Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. The Golden Triangle is so called because of the triangular shape formed by the locations of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan on a map. It inhabits a tropical desert climate and hence mostly observes dry and hot weather in general. And yet, this place remains on top of the list for travelers because of its exuberant culture filled with all sorts of art and craft, festivities, and flavorsome cuisines. Although considering the extreme weather conditions, one should plan the visit and make sure it is suitable for their health as well. 

Best time to visit Rajasthan

Winter is the most appropriate season to traverse in this monumental state. That means you can think of packing your bags around or in midst of October to January and getting ready for a chilled-out vacation. Even though the state observes monsoons and summer, the fall season is much more comfortable and can offer you a pleasant experience as the days are bright and sunny, and nights are super cold during this time of year. 

Moreover, the period comes with a lot of colorful and euphoric festivals and events like the Jaipur literature festival (hello there nerds!), Udaipur world music festival, and also the most acclaimed Pushkar fair, which is one the largest cattle fairs. Not only it indulges in the livestock trade, but it has managed to be the center of attraction for tourists who would enjoy the galas like Matka phod, longest mustache, and bridal competition

Monsoons in Rajasthan are also delightful as it gives a refreshing touch to the otherwise arid land. It is treasured with the sight of peacocks dancing in rain, and a green carpet spread across most parts of the state. Even if it seems contradictory to know, the Aravali ranges are covered with lush greenery and an add-on to that is the biodiversity it offers by being home to rare and endangered species like the Bengal monitor, Indian Gazelle, Asiatic wild cat, and much more. 

The rainy season is welcomed with the grand Teej festival, in which you will see swings hung from trees and women dressed in green clothes singing songs in celebration, all dolled up in beautiful ghagra cholis, with Mehandi in their hands. They do day-long fasting by taking the names of Mahadev and Mata Parvati. There is an elaborate two-day procession in Jaipur on this occasion. 
The summers, as you may suspect, are pretty much hot and dry in Rajasthan. Scorching heat can make it a bit difficult for you to travel and enjoy the tour. Even then, places like Mount Abu, Ranakpur, and Kumbalgarh have decent weather as compared to other spaces.

What kind of tourist spots you will find on a Rajasthan tour?

Although, the list could be overwhelming, consider this catalog as a summary of a few top-notch spots that will accomplish give you a taste of its ethnicity, history, and scenic beauty overall. 

Forts and Palaces 

The kingdoms who ruled this terrain decades ago built mighty forts on this terrain for the sake of protection but also to showcase their prosperity and power. Due to their historical relevance and grandiose architecture, some of these forts residing are acclaimed as UNESCO world heritage sites. These forts include –  Chittor Fort, Kumbhalgarh Fort, Ranthambore Fort, Gagron Fort, Amber Fort, and Jaisalmer Fort. These castles were built by and enhanced between the 5th and 18th centuries CE by several Rajput kings of different kingdoms. 
If you are interested in history and archeology, you must definitely have a nostalgic ride and immerse yourself in the beauty of the craft and work that went on to make these gigantic structures. Even palaces like the Badal Mahal, and Jag Mandir, and spaces designed for the royal clans are must-sees because of their multiple and elaborate styles of architecture.

Lakes and Museums

Rajasthan is also blessed with a plethora of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. You can imagine the state as a deserted land but it also has semi-evergreen forests that is home to distinct and variant flora and fauna species like royal tigers, leopard, village dogs, assesses calves, and goats. Hop on for jungle safaris in natural treasures like Ranthambore national park, Sariska tiger reserve, and Ramgarh vishdhari sanctuary to get a close-up of these species. 

Ornithophiles should definitely go to Jorbeed, which is one of the best places to sight raptors. Birds like Steppe eagles, griffon vultures, and Egyptian vultures are very commonly observed in this region. 


The lakes, alike the forts and palaces, were built by the old kings who constructed these water reservoirs to address the shortage of water. These lakes look immensely beautiful as they are surrounded by Aravali ranges and piles of striking white salt. Visiting spots like Fateh Sagar lake, Gadisar lake, Jaisamand lake, and alike would definitely change the way you view Rajasthan and replace the image of barren lands with them co-existing with ever-charming water bodies like these. 

The history is not just preserved in ruined palaces and glamorous forts but also in the extravagant museums that curate the classic artifacts and objects that represent the bygone era. Albert Hall museum also known as Government Central museum is one of the oldest museums located in Jaipur, that has an authentic collection of art pieces, jewelry, weapons, sculptures, furniture, carpets, pottery, etc. 

For fine art enthusiasts, the Anokhi museum is another spot located in pink city. Hand printing is a treat to explore there, wherein more than a hundred block print garments, and the Anokhi clothing brand aims to promote the oldest cultural art form of Rajasthan. Other museums like Prachina, Crystal gallery, Mayo College, and City palace museum are also worth a visit. 

There is only so much that one write-up could cover in a few words about what can be served to you by this ‘Incredible state of India’ that has glorious and multicultural shades to its past and present. Right from the extraordinary architecture to the delicious cuisines like thalis, from the co-existence of wastelands and serene lakes, and the talented artists who have managed to preserve their traditional craft and art forms. 

With Pravas the journey, you should definitely venture into this beautiful land for once and experience the spellbinding stories that it has to tell through its people and spaces. We will guide you with the right ways of venturing into this vibrant state and ensure you make the most out of your trip. Contact us to know how!