Often referred to as heaven on earth, Kashmir has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in India for quite a while. All kinds of tourists travel in large numbers every year to experience the magic of Kashmir – a place overflowing with natural beauty but also with rich history and bountiful culture. For Pravas, A Kashmir Tour & travel consultant in Pune, there is something exciting for every kind of traveller. If you want to lose yourself in pristine snow, the Gulmarg mountains are for you. If you want to watch the sunrise over crystal clear waters, then Dal Lake is for you. If you want to dip your feet in icy brooks, then the streams of Pahalgam are for you. If you want to marvel at green expanses, then the Aru and Betab valleys are for you. 

A destination as popular and vast as Kashmir can be tough to plan. When there is so much to do, how do you organise everything well? Fitting in all the sightseeing, fun activities, cultural events and much more in a short time period is certainly a task. That, coupled with the hassle of booking good hotels and arranging for transportation, can make this wonderful trip into a stressful event. This is why, if you are wishing for the perfect Kashmir trip from Pune, then it’s best to leave the planning to the experts. And that is where Pravas comes in. 

Pravas – The Journey is a  travel company that does much more than simply plan your trip. At Pravas, we are guided by our philosophy of making each journey special for the traveller. Trips, if done well, can be life-changing experiences, where people can find themselves while being lost in nature and culture. We believe that each trip should be a transformative experience, with our travellers finding joy in every little thing along the way. A trip can be much more than just an escape from city life – it can be a spiritual journey too.

Every traveller wants something different from a trip. This is why it is impossible to have a one fit-all solution to your travel needs. Some tourists want to soak in nature to its fullest, while others want some adventure. Some people enjoy meeting new friends, while others prefer solitude. Some people want to dive into history and architecture, while others are interested in local food and handicrafts. For all these diverse needs, Pravas – The Journey is a travel consultant in Pune offers customised tour plans, made specially for you according to your needs. Customised kashmir trips from Pune will allow tourists to make their trip unique and perfect for themselves, resulting in some truly memorable experiences. 

Apart from tailor-made tours, Pravas also offers tour packages, for those who are open to all types of experiences, or are not sure of exactly what they want. For those who believe that the essence of life lies in meeting new people and forging new connections daily, we offer the Kashmir group tour from Pune. A perfect chance for you to forget your worries and embrace new adventure and experiences, since after all, the more the merrier. 

Kashmir has always been a romantic destination. The countless love stories filmed there are testament to the beauty of these mountains and valleys. This is what makes Kashmir, the perfect place for couples who want to spend quality time together, while also basking in the glory of nature. We, at Pravas, offer honeymoon tours, especially for such couples, wanting to experience paradise on earth. 

When you hand your Kashmir experience into our hands, we assure you the time of your life. Free from all the worry of logistics, you can fully and truly enjoy all that Kashmir has to offer. With our expert tour planners and logisticians, we plan the perfect tour for you, covering all the must-see sights and must-experience activities of Kashmir, making sure you don’t miss out on anything. Providing our clients with the utmost comfort has always been our top priority and so we guarantee the best accommodations and transport facilities because when everything else is so beautiful, why not your hotel too? Furthermore, with our very own branch office open in Srinagar, we have the ability to provide complete 24/7 ground support, for any eventuality that may arise. Pravas – The Journey takes care of all your needs and desires, leaving your mind and soul free to experience the transformative and memorable wonders of Kashmir.